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Tavern on the Ave

Summer 2010, the Twins had a new stadium, Target Field. And First Avenue, which had declared bankruptcy six years before, was bouncing back with a new restaurant. Britt Aamodt has the story of the Depot Tavern.


Doubling Down on Covid Testing

By every measure the state uses, we are seeing a second surge. In 85 of Minnesota’s 87 counties, there is too much Covid for schools to have full in-person classes. The number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths are the highest since June. And cold weather increases the risk of transmission as activities move indoors.

Gov. Walz Announces Expansion of State’s COVID-19 Saliva Testing Capacity

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has announced an expansion of the state’s saliva testing program, which he says will significantly increase the state’s COVID-19 testing capacity, help reduce community spread, and offer more options for those who want a free test.

Yes, You Can Get COVID19 Through Airborne Transmission Says CDC

On October 5th, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its webpage to acknowledge that, yes, people can become infected with COVID through airborne transmission, particularly in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation.

How Leech Lake Schools Support Students Through Pandemic’s Constant Change

Today on the show, Host Leah Lemm looks at how schools are supporting their students under seemingly constantly changing conditions, especially given how internet access has been crucial for distance education for learners and educators of all ages.

Indigenous Peoples Day

Tune in to Stay Human for a celebration in words and music of Indigenous Peoples Day. The Mayor of Grand Rapids reads the official resolution, and Bi’idanakwut, of Leech Lake, talks about his citizenship. We’ll hear from Crystal Echohawk with IllumiNative, and feature an excerpt from the podcast Native Lights – Where Indigenous Voices Shine.

Governor Walz Extends Peacetime Emergency Into November As Pandemic Continues

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz convened the fifth special session of the year where he extended the state’s COVID-19 peacetime emergency.

According to Walz, the 30-day extension into November is needed to ensure the state can continue to react quickly and effectively to the pandemic.

Indoor Gathering & Cold, Dry Air Could Increase COVID19 Transmission

Minnesota has officially entered the fall season. Already doctors, clinics and hospitals are preparing for an increase in COVID cases, brought on by the change in weather. They’re working with manufacturers to stock up on necessary equipment and supplies.

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

No one could believe it. Prince was dead at 57. Fans congregated at his home in Paisley Park—and outside First Avenue. Here producer Britt Aamodt returns to April 21, 2016 at the intersection of Seventh Street and First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.

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