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Veterans' Voices | Minnesota in the Vietnam War

Untold Stories | Memories and Stories of Minnesota Veterans from many era’s of service

Veterans' Voices: Leech Lake | Memories and stories of military veterans from the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe

The Secret War | Featuring the some of the stories of Minnesota Hmong Veterans in the Secret War of Laos

Minnesota in the Vietnam War | Stories of Minnesotans in the Vietnam War

Minnesota in World War I | Stories of Minnesotans in World War I

Minnesota in World War II | Stories of Minnesotans in World War II

Veterans' Voices: Rochester | Veterans’ Voices is a radio series exploring the knowledge, experience and leadership of Rochester service members. Veterans’ Voices is a radio series exploring the knowledge, experience and leadership of Rochester service members. Hosted by Britt Aamodt Veteran’ Voices is produced by KRPR and Ampers.

Korea | Memories and stories from Minnesota’s Korean War Veterans

Veterans' Voices Korea Podcast | Extended podcast versions of interviews with some of the Minnesota Veterans of the Korean War featured in our radio series Veteran’s Voices Korea. Made possible by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage fund.

World War II | first-hand accounts of what it was like to serve in WWII

Native Warriors | Native American veterans explain why protecting our land and resources is an important part of Native culture and traditions

Vietnam | Stories and memories of Minnesota’s Vietnam veterans

Veterans' Voices Vietnam Podcast | Extended podcast versions of Kevyn Burger’s interviews with some of the Minnesota Vietnam Veterans featured in our radio series

Roger Sayles

The Vietnam Women’s Memorial

1984: The Vietnam Wall and the Three Soldiers statue in the nation’s capital didn’t tell the whole story. Diane Carlson Evans, an army nurse in Vietnam, wanted a memorial for the thousands of women who served in the war. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

A Virtual Vietnam Memorial

2016: For the past two years, Herb Reckinger, Jr, had worked with a veteran and a journalism professor to locate a photo for every Minnesotan lost in Vietnam to post on the online Vietnam Wall site. But one photo was a blurry high school yearbook group shot. There had to be a better photo out there. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

An Interrogator with the Screaming Eagles

September 19, 1970: Ken Klose had some downtime. So he decided to write to his cousin in Farmington, Minnesota, about life with the 101st Airborne at Camp Eagle, Vietnam. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

Behind Enemy Lines with SOG

Sometime: 1970-71. Somewhere: Behind enemy lines. Today’s mission was supposed to be easy-ish. Change a magnetic tape that was recording a wiretap. But Nick Brokhausen knew no day was easy with SOG. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

Operation Babylift

May 2, 1975: Saigon had fallen to the North Vietnamese. The war was over. And Suzie Warren was at a Red Cross center, holding a six-year-old boy. He was one of 2,000 orphans flown out of Saigon as part of Operation Babylift. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

Operation Homecoming

February 27, 1973: When David R. Wheat stepped off the plane in Duluth a band struck up “America the Beautiful.” He was home after seven years in a Vietnamese POW camp. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

The Army Nurse and the Patient

Late 1968: Army nurse Diane Carlson was told never to remember her patients’ names. It was too hard when they died. But Eddie Lee Evenson was a kid from back home in Minnesota. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

LRRP Team Leader

November 13, 1968: Laszlo Rabel had to flee his native Hungary after standing up to the Soviet oppressors. Enlisting in the American army in 1965, he saw Vietnam as another opportunity to fight the communists. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

A Wedding and a Funeral

August 24, 1968: After four years of widowhood, Albertha Hill was tying the knot today. But then the notification came. Her son, her only child, a platoon leader in Vietnam, had died in combat. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

Skytrooper with the 1st Cavalry

July 4, 1968: Ronald Myron Cloud was a skytrooper with the 1st Cavalry Division (Air Mobile). They rode helicopters into battle, jumping into LZs on search and destroy missions. But today the mission was to guard a fire support base. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

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