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Minnesota Music Notes | Minnesota Music Notes: Stories from First Avenue

Minnesota Music Notes: Stories from First Avenue | celebrating noteworthy artists, people and moments that shaped the history of Minnesota’s Mainroom First Avenue

Minnesota Music Notes: Seasons 1 & 2 | celebrating noteworthy songs, artists, and musical performances from Minnesota

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

No one could believe it. Prince was dead at 57. Fans congregated at his home in Paisley Park—and outside First Avenue. Here producer Britt Aamodt returns to April 21, 2016 at the intersection of Seventh Street and First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.

Doomtree’s Final Blowout

Minneapolis hip-hop collective Doomtree had been hosting a popular annual Blowout at First Avenue since 2009. Britt Aamodt takes a look at the final blowout in 2014 and the journey that Doomtree member P.O.S. took to get there.

Tavern on the Ave

Summer 2010, the Twins had a new stadium, Target Field. And First Avenue, which had declared bankruptcy six years before, was bouncing back with a new restaurant. Britt Aamodt has the story of the Depot Tavern.

The Return of the Prince

In Minneapolis, you couldn’t think of First Ave without thinking of Prince. But by 2007 the funk-rock icon hadn’t played there two decades when the club got a call. Britt Aamodt looks back at the return of the reigning Prince.

Triple Threat

In 1996, the Fugees were touring on the biggest single of its career. The Roots were an eclectic hip-hop band finally breaking into the top twenty. And Goodie Mob was the new group with a rapper named Cee-Lo Green. Britt Aamodt looks at the night this powerhouse triple bill took over First Ave.

Hip-Hop Avenue

Who knew that when a new Minneapolis indie hip-hop label formed in 1995, it would find a home at the city’s most legendary rock club? Here’s Britt Aamodt with the story of Rhymesayers Entertainment and First Avenue.

Conrad with the Red Dreds

For many touring acts playing First Avenue/7th Street Entry, the club was embodied by a single man. Britt Aamodt takes a look behind the scenes with production manager Conrad Sverkerson.

Husker Du’s First Show at the 7th Street Entry

Hardcore punk group Husker Du formed in St. Paul in 1979. Within a year, the band was headlining the new side stage at Sam’s (First Avenue), the 7th Street Entry. Britt Aamodt has the history of one of the music acts that defined First Avenue in the 1980s.

Hey, Mr. DJ

Britt Aamodt takes a look at music club First Avenue from the perspective of the DJ, who kept the music spinning during the ’70 disco era, crowd-tested new Prince singles and, until its closure in 2016, headlined the club’s VIP/Record Room.

From Zuzu’s Petals to Petal Pusher

Laurie Lindeen’s health scare made her reassess life. What did she want to do? Start a band. Britt Aamodt has the story of Zuzu’s Petals.

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