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Take Control of Your Health | What Matters Most
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Heart Health | People sharing stories about recognizing, treating and managing heart valve disease. Find out more about Taking Control of your heart health here.

Diabetes | People sharing strategies and insights about preventing and managing diabetes. Find out more about Taking Control of Diabetes here.

Caregiving Conversations | Caregivers discuss the challenges of caring for a loved one with a serious diagnosis or in the last stages of life

What Matters Most | Family members discuss facing a loved one’s serious illness with an open heart and loving support

What Matters Most: Support by Showing Up

Richard discusses how being present and asking hospital staff questions was how he could best support his dying friends.

What Matters Most: Coping with the Unexpected

Carolyn shares how she found strength in the face of her mother’s unexpected terminal illness, so she could provide good care for her.

What Matters Most: Persistence Pays Off

Alice shares the importance of undeterred yet polite persistence to get family members needs met.

What Matters Most: Communicate Wishes

Alice talks about putting a plan in place ahead of time, so family members know your preferences for end-of-life care.

What Matters Most: Generational Lessons in Caregiving

Armando reflects on the powerful lesson for kids, in watching parents be caregivers to elderly relatives as they reach the end of life.

What Matters Most: Comfort in the Mother Tongue

Armanda speaks about the importance of his Grandmother receiving caregiving in her native language, as she reaches the end of her life.

What Matters Most: Trusting Family for Help

Yolanda shares how trusting family is key, as she makes difficult decisions, while also facing serious illness.

What Matters Most: Last Wishes

Mioshi relied on her faith for the strength she needed to carry out her grandmother’s last wishes.

What Matters Most: Having Hard Conversations

Mioshi says having hard conversations is key when your loved is reaching the end of their life.

What Matters Most: Voice Your Concern

Michelle advises families to speak up when you have concerns over any aspect of care.

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