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Veterans' Voices | Native Warriors
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Veterans' Voices Korea Podcast | Extended podcast versions of interviews with some of the Minnesota Veterans of the Korean War featured in our radio series Veteran’s Voices Korea. Made possible by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage fund.

Korea | Memories and stories from Minnesota’s Korean War Veterans

World War II | first-hand accounts of what it was like to serve in WWII

Native Warriors | Native American veterans explain why protecting our land and resources is an important part of Native culture and traditions

Vietnam | Stories and memories of Minnesota’s Vietnam veterans

Veterans' Voices Vietnam Podcast | Extended podcast versions of Kevyn Burger’s interviews with some of the Minnesota Vietnam Veterans featured in our radio series

Roger Sayles

Part of the Job

Vietnam Veteran Merlin Stone shares how seeing death in war, affected his civilian life.

Looking Out for All People

Randy Goodwin shares how his father explained to him his duty as a man and a warrior.

Education and Self-Understanding

Army veteran Rick Parkers shares how his military service taught him about life, himself and other veterans.

Warrior of the People

Sherald Hanks shares how his military services is part of his service to humanity.

Lifelong Service to Community

Army veteran Roberta Marie speaks about how her family’s tradition of military service brought adventure and meaning to her life.

Family Tradition of Military Service

Billie Jo knew she wanted to serve in the Navy, after touring a ship while in the fifth grade.

Service Brought Maturity

Korean war veteran James Peter Razer talks about how his service had an impact on his entire life and career.

Need Breed of Ogichidaag

Davin Steve Depoe explains the Anishinabe word for warrior: Ogichidaag

Military Service Brings Changes

Veteran Davalance Depoe talks openly about facing PTSD and the challenging path of recovery.

High Respect for Native Veterans

Davalance Depoe shares how he felt fulfilling his dream of becoming a para-trooper, just like his father and brother.

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