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A Clash of Cultures: Understanding the 1862 Dakota War

On August 17, 1862 a group of four young Dakota men on a hunting expedition killed five settlers who lived along the Minnesota river in what is now southwest Minnesota...and a war began. A Clash of Cultures: The 1862 Dakota War is a production of ampers-Diverse Radio for Minnesota Communities
Minnesota Historical Society


The Dakota War of 1862: Forced Removal

(Episode 12) In this episode we cast a light on the forced removal of the Dakota and Winnebago people from Minnesota in the spring of 1863.

The Dakota War of 1862: Moving Towards Peace

(Episode 19) This Episode shines a light on the efforts of one legislator, Dean Urdahl, and reconciliation.

The Dakota War of 1862: Remembering the War

(Episode 20) This episode looks at why the Dakota war is so important in the history of the State of Minnesota.

The Dakota War of 1862:The Monument

(Episode 18) This episode looks at the question of erecting a monument to the hanging of the 38 men in Mankato, Should it be done at all?

The Dakota War of 1862: Racism

(Episode 17) This episode brings into view the question of racism.

The Dakota War of 1862: Savages

(Episode 16) This episode shines a light on the question of savagery and what exactly does it mean.

The Dakota War of 1862: Gabriel Renville

(Episode 8) In this episode we look at Gabriel Renvill, the leader of the Sisseton Band of the Dakota.

The Dakota War of 1862: Lincoln and the War

(Episode 11) Today’s episode shines a light on Abraham Lincoln and his role in the war.

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