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The Untold Story of the Civil War Roundtable

In today’s Untold Story of Central Minnesota, Arts & Cultural Heritage Producer Jeff Carmack talks with members of the Civil War Roundtable group that meets monthly at the Stearns History Museum. Andrew Ditlevson, Win Anderson and Mary Soroko have been coordinating the group for years partially due to their collective curiosity concerning history, but also, they realized how many details about the Civil War were being lost to time and this is a way to keep that history alive. Their next meeting is on Tuesday, May 9, at 3:45 p.m. at the Stearns History Museum with guest speaker Mark Jaede, and then the group will be on the road at the Grand Army of the Republic Hall in Litchfield on Thursday, May 11, at 1:30 p.m. as Mary Soroko presents on the topic of women of the civil war. This program was made possible through support from the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.


Can You Spell Hot – as in “Hot Reads?”

Charlotte Helgeson, Director of the Campbell Public Library of East Grand Forks, MN shares “Hot Reads” for hot weather! Along with other important events and activities at Campbell!

Yoshi Retrospective

This episode of Real College Podcast, we’re remembering our reporter Yoshi Thao, who graduated this May. We’ll do this by having a discussion with him about his time here and learning a little a bit more about him. 5 pieces he chose to represent his time here at the podcast will be included with commentary on them, from him.

1:15 – Talking with Yoshi Pt. 1
10:00 – SDS Protest
18:05 – Wabasha Street Caves
26:10 – Ice Mazes
32:00 – Graduate Labor Union
38:30 – Southwest Airlines
42:00 – Talking With Yoshi Pt. 2

Episode 40: Reiki

Reiki joins us for this episode of Radio K Local Vibes where he talks about early interactions with music, experimenting with sounds, and embracing his versatility.


For this episode of Real College Podcast, we’re showcasing the many different ways that art can be shown! From the actual art showcase that is Art-a-Whirl, to a concert at 7th St. entry, graffiti art, and a look into the daily lives of artists who are also teachers! Alongside this is a spotlight piece on our Weekly Release Spotlight artist Mandy, Indiana!

01:35 – Art-a-Whirl – Andrew Kicmol
09:05 – Teacher Artists – Matt Sullivan
15:15 – Graffiti art – Quinn McClurg
23:40 – Polyanna concert – Henry Ulrich
29:10 – WRS Spotlight – Brandon Wetterlin

Award Winning Artist & Teacher in NW Minnesota!

Longtime Greenbush-Middle River art teacher Debbie Aune has been named the “Artist of the Year” by the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council! A down-to-earth proponent of the arts and culture in NW Minnesota, Debbie has a lot to say on the impact and funding for arts within the region and statewide!

Episode 39: Maevuim

Maevuim joins for this episode of Radio K Local Vibes where she tlks about her latest project Siren, upcoming visuals, and the work that goes into being an independent artist.


Nunnabove discusses the pros and cons of performing together as siblings and their group’s contributions to the ever-evolving “Minneapolis Sound” on this week’s episode of Behind the Scenes.


Host, Carl Unbehaun, presents a cavalcade of songs by Minnesota songwriters along with his musical musings! More NEW ARTISTS on this episode, including tunes by Sara Noble, Ditchbird, Bo Allen & Willie West. And we report on the three Minnesota breweries who won medals at the 2023 World Beer Cup–all on MHB!

(Aired 5/25/2023)

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