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Take Control of Your Health | Heart Health
Supported by The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Heart Health | People sharing stories about recognizing, treating and managing heart valve disease. Find out more about Taking Control of your heart health here.

Diabetes | People sharing strategies and insights about preventing and managing diabetes. Find out more about Taking Control of Diabetes here.

Caregiving Conversations | Caregivers discuss the challenges of caring for a loved one with a serious diagnosis or in the last stages of life

What Matters Most | Family members discuss facing a loved one’s serious illness with an open heart and loving support

Huffing and Puffing Wasn’t Normal

When she got too tired and short of breath from doing her regular housework, JoAnn knew something wasn’t right, so she called her doctor.  

Heart Valve Repair Let Him Feel Like a Normal Teen

Bill shares how relieved he was to get his heart valve repaired, so he could enjoy sports and other regular teen activities.

They Went Up Through My Leg!

Vera recalls how she felt different and breathed easier, the moment her heart valve was replaced.

Her Heart Didn’t Sound Right

JoAnn shares how a routine exam uncovered a heart problem: when she couldn’t walk, she realized just how serious the problem had become.

I Lost My Mother Too Young

After losing her mother to a heart attack, Jacqueline knew to follow her gut and get a second opinion, which led to reparing her leaky heart valve sooner, before it was too late.

I Guess I Was Sicker Than I Thought!

Vera recalls how quickly she rebounded from getting her heart valve replaced, after being awake during the surgery.

Suddenly, I Could Not Catch a Breath

Pat, who is going on 107 years old, says she was surprised that her difficulty breathing was caused by a heart problem, not her lungs.

I Could Finally Take a Deep Breath of Air

Jim was told he had only months to live, but then a life-saving heart valve procedure gave him a miraculous outcome.

Life is Good and I Feel Great

Joel explains how rheumatic fever in his teens caused him to have an extra heartbeat, which eventually led to heart valve repair decades later.

Open Heart Surgery Wasn’t an Option

Charlotte explains the life-saving “magic” procedure that replaced her heart valve, without open heart surgery.

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