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Take Control of Your Health | Caregiving Conversations
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Heart Health | People sharing stories about recognizing, treating and managing heart valve disease. Find out more about Taking Control of your heart health here.

Diabetes | People sharing strategies and insights about preventing and managing diabetes. Find out more about Taking Control of Diabetes here.

Caregiving Conversations | Caregivers discuss the challenges of caring for a loved one with a serious diagnosis or in the last stages of life

What Matters Most | Family members discuss facing a loved one’s serious illness with an open heart and loving support

Caregiving Conversations: Sharing Emotions and Feelings

Carol talks about the importance of having trusted people to talk with about emotions and feelings, when a loved one is dying.

Caregiving Conversations: Putting Papers in Order

Glenda describes how family members have proactively drawn up health care directives, wills and powers of attorney, so everyone’s preferences are known.

Caregiving Conversations: Seeking Advice from Experts

Glenda shares how she found caring for her mother easy, but needed help and advice when it came to financial concerns.

Caregiving Conversations: Give Voice to your Questions

Bob-e advises family members to “use your voice” to ask questions, get direct answers, or simply speak from your heart.

Caregiving Conversations: Smooth Adjustment to Long-term Facility

Marybeth shares how her husband’s placement into a long-term facility to care for his dementia, helped their relationship, in his final time.

Caregiving Conversations: Ask Many Questions

Chris and her sister were surprised and dismayed, at how hard it was to navigate the health care system on behalf of her parents.

Caregiving Conversations: Learning about Love and Sacrifice

Russell shares how caregiving for his dying wife, taught him about love and sacrifice, and how it made him a better man.

Caregiving Conversations: Caring for the Caregiver

Marcella talks about how caregivers can easily forget to take care of themselves, but good self-care is critical to being a good caregiver.

Caregiving Conversations: See What Needs to Be Done

Sally talks about how she followed her gut to care for her Mother’s daily needs.

Caregiving Conversations: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Russell looks back on his wife’s final months and offers advice about one thing he would do differently.

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