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Take Control of Your Health | Caregiving Conversations
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Heart Health | People sharing stories about recognizing, treating and managing heart valve disease. Find out more about Taking Control of your heart health here.

Diabetes | People sharing strategies and insights about preventing and managing diabetes. Find out more about Taking Control of Diabetes here.

Caregiving Conversations | Caregivers discuss the challenges of caring for a loved one with a serious diagnosis or in the last stages of life

What Matters Most | Family members discuss facing a loved one’s serious illness with an open heart and loving support

Caregiving Conversations: Family Health History Matters

Shavon talks about the importance of having (sometimes difficult) family conversations about health history and treatments.

Caregiving Conversations: Handling News of a Serious Diagnosis

Nkem advises pausing to seek support, when you learn of a serious health diagnosis.

Caregiving Conversations: Different Symptoms, Different Needs

Nkem talks about how her husband’s role as caregiver shifted, as her illness went into remission.

Caregiving Conversations: Straight Talking Doctor

Betsy talks about how family members might have different preferences about how doctor communicates when the end is near.

Caregiving Conversations: Hospice was a Relief

Betsy shares how when her sister was dying of cancer, the family disagreed about when to involve hospice.

Caregiving Conversations: Being Your Own Caregiver

Teresa learned how to advocate for herself, while facing serious illness.

Caregiving Conversations: Community Support is Key

Teresa shares how support from friends and co-workers helped her know she was not alone, while she battled cancer.

Caregiving Conversations: Lakota Tradition Views Death as a Scout

LeMoine talks about how death is understood from the perspective and tradition of his Lakota heritage.

Caregiving Conversations: Dream Provides Guidance

LeMoine shares how his Lakota tradition provides a philosophy for life that guides his family in dealing with end of life decision making.

Caregiving Conversations: Setting Priorities

Carol talks about how her late husband insisted that she be his only caregiver, and how she knew their time together was precious.

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