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Native Lights: At The Four Sisters Farmers Market Pt. 2

Leah and Cole take a trip to Four Sisters Farmers Market in Minneapolis! It’s the first market day of the year, and our hosts chat with poet, playwright, and author Marcie Rendon; Janet Court from the East Phillips Neighborhood Institute (EPNI); and The Pretendians who played music at the market! We also hear Pretendians songs “For the Sun” and “The 38” from their upcoming album Stories From the Fire

Native Lights At The Four Sisters Farmers Market Pt. 1

Leah and Cole take a trip to Four Sisters Farmers Market in Minneapolis! It’s the first market day of the year, and our hosts chat with nature-inspired jewelry designer Lali Aguilar from Corn Silk Daughter; food and plant loving Rivianna Zeller, a Farmer & Distribution Coordinator with Dream of Wild Health; Native book publisher Tom Peacock from Black Bears and Blueberries Publishing; and Destiny Jones, Food Sovereignty Coordinator and Farmers Market Manager at Four Sisters Farmers Market at NACDI.

MN Native News: Open Houses for American Indian Month

American Indian Month in Minnesota continues this May. And, this weekend’s a busy one.

MN Native News: May is American Indian Month in MN

Tribes and Native American organizations around Minnesota, including in the cities, are hosting open houses, pow wows, and other events throughout the month.

Native Lights: An Garagiola’s Gift For Bringing Indigenous Values to Academia

Today Leah and Cole chat with An Garagiola, a descendent of the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa, and the University Coordinator and a Lead Researcher on the TRUTH Project. An shares about researching archives from the University of MN and the MN Historical Society, findings from the TRUTH Project, and how she’s bringing Indigenous values to Academia and research.

MN Native News: TRUTH Report Narrates U of M’s Historic Exploitation, Outlines Path To Healing

The TRUTH Report details findings from the university’s own records. And, that as a land-grant institution, the U of M has systematically profited from exploiting and harming Indigenous people.

Native Lights: Misty Blue & Indigenous-led Research Toward Healing and Recognition

Today Misty Blue, White Earth Nation citizen and Tribal coordinator of the TRUTH Project, chats with Leah and Cole about some of the report’s findings, the importance of Indigenous led research, and what the TRUTH project recommends the UMN do to take steps toward healing.

MN Native News: Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Take Stand with Water Over Nickel initiative

The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe is taking a stand as water protectors in northeast Minnesota. The Band’s Department of Natural Resources launched its Water Over Nickel initiative just last month. Its goal? To protect cultural resources, sacred medicines and its people in Aitkin County. Which could be hurt by proposed nickel mining.

Native Lights: Gerilyn Lopez, Supporting Access to Energy Efficient Practices and Renewable Energy

She connects low incomes families to energy-efficient practices and materials in Northern Minnesota. In addition, she is an advocate for women and diverse communities getting into the clean energy and home improvement industries. Her work led her to speak at the Aspen Ideas: Climate conference in March. She shares her experiences at the conference, what she does as a weatherization auditor and how her interest in solar energy has lead her down this path.

MN Native News- MN Chippewa Tribe Welcomes New Executive Director, Beth Drost

Drost grew up in Grand Portage and is an enrolled member of the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. Her interest in tribal politics traces back to her childhood and especially to her father.

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