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Keep Moving Forward a radio series featuring people with disabilities sharing perspectives, insights, and experiences
Supported by Minnesota Council On Disability
Keep Moving Forward explores what's better and what needs improvement for people with disabilities since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Together we keep moving toward full access and inclusion in all aspects of life.

This project is supported by Minnesota Council on Disability, The Minnesota Humanities Center and the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

George Shardlow: I Was The One Kid Like Me In The Room

George Shardlow shares how his childhood was a weird roller coaster ride. He says, “You seek out communities where people accept you.”

Kate Eifrig: Reaching True Parity

“What almost anybody with mental illness will tell you is one of the frustrating things is its invisibility.

“If we reach true parity, it won’t be called mental health, it will just be called health.”

Mark Braun: I Like To Go Fast

I don’t look at my disability as a stumbling block. I don’t look at it as an obstacle. You know what? This is who I am, and I’m going to take it and run with it.

John Riddle: I Can See Where I Want To Go – But Can’t Get There

Places say they are accessible – but are not. Minor obstacles that you would never think would be a problem, suddenly are a huge problem.

Ben McCarthy: Give Me A Chance

I’ve learned many different skills in the theater world. When you’re creating a character, it’s fun expressing, figuring out what’s best for you.

When you let people with disabilities try it, you learn that, “Oh, this person can easily learn these lines.” Give us a chance, and we can show you what we can do.

Sherry Bartholomew: Start A Conversation

“Having a mental health disability – people don’t see it, people don’t understand hidden disabilities. The more we are open about them, the more they’re going to be understood.

“Ask us questions. Start a conversation. Conversations will get us closer to that holy grail of equality.”

Christine Morgan: Untreated Hearing Loss Is Dangerous

There’s a link between untreated hearing loss, dementia, falls and auto accidents.

Hearing loss can contribute to dementia. You’re not as aware of your surroundings. Different parts of your brain that normally would hear, aren’t hearing, and you’re not getting the stimulus that you need.

Master Hinkle: Barrier To Friendship

That’s one of the biggest things I’d like to change in the world. I think if enough people see people using wheelchairs out and about living their lives, it could change the perception. But it’s really hard if you never get to see us because we can’t get into the places you are.

Ben McCarthy: I’m Gonna Show Them What I Can Do

“There’s an opportunity for everyone. If you let them try, you’re gonna always learn something new from a person with a disability that you never thought they could do.”

Sherry Bartholomew: Art Is Life-Saving

I was a pastry chef. I had a breakdown. I knew I couldn’t go back to work.

Working with polymer clay is very much like working with wedding cake fondant. You can do the same things with them both. Working with clay gave me back some of the passion that I had when I was a pastry chef. It’s a life-saving thing for me.

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