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Counter Stories is a program by people of color, for people of color…and everybody else. We discuss race, identity, social justice and culture in a region grappling with demographic changes. Hosts: Anthony Galloway, Luz Maria Frias, Don Eubanks and Hlee Lee.
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Counter Stories: Call It What It Is: Overt Racism

Overt racism is more and more prominent. From hotels banning Native Americans to the crew’s own personal experiences in racist housing practices, from it taking more than a hundred years to pass an anti-lynching law to recent conflicts between communities of color. Racism has gone from hidden and passive-aggressive to open and overt.

Grab Bag #5

On this Grab Bag show, we talk about making those in dominate culture UNCOMFORTABLE. Including, the nonsensical questions Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is facing from senators, a big red panda making white people mad, and more cases of Anti-Asian hate a year after the murders of six API women in Atlanta.

Supporting Ukraine in a Time of Need

When Russia invaded Ukraine, the Crew immediately looked around to see how we could help the people suffering from the war. Our guest currently resides in Germany and has utilized social media to connect with a group of women to bring supplies from Germany to Ukraine during the ongoing conflict with Russia. Guest: Heidi Inman

Grab Bag #4

There’s a lot happening internationally and here at home. On this Grab Bag show, Luz explains the ridiculousness of a political pundits demanding potential SCOTUS Judge Jackson’s LSAT score, we react to the Minnesota State High School League’s slow and lacking response to racist incidents at school games, and we touch on the public school teach strike in Minneapolis.

My Brother’s Keeper: Black Male Roundtable

On this special episode, crew member Anthony Galloway talks with a group of Black Men about how they’re feeling during the past few weeks, months, and years as their community continues to be under scrutiny in the wake of police brutality, school disciplinary inequities, and more. Guests: Kassius Benson, D.A. Bullock, Anthony Williams

Freedom School: Does Freedom to School Mean Freedom to Tell the truth?

In this episode, the crew explores the history of Freedom Schools with May Esperanza Losloso of the Children’s Defense Fund and the legislation and movements to limit what schools teach. They also explore recent racist encounters in school athletics and the overall climate that begs for deeper learning about our nation’s history. Guest: May Esperanza Losloso

Mirrors and Windows in Education

Public school districts are having a hard time retaining teachers of color. But what’s behind this? Could it be the first in-first out process, where newer teachers are let go whenever there is a budget cut? Is it because teachers of color are not feeling supported? Is it both? As one parent put it, all students need mirrors and windows in education – so they see themselves and their peers reflected in their teachers. Guest: Kenneth Eban, Advancing Equity Coalition

Is Change Possible?

Well, here we are again. Minneapolis Police have killed another Black man in a no-knock raid on an apartment. In 9 seconds, police entered an apartment and shot Amir Locke, who was a licensed gun owner and was asleep on the sofa. It forces the question: Is change possible?

Who’s Very Asian

When an Asian American journalist receives a call from a viewer complaining about a her being “very Asian,” anchor Michelle Li didn’t let that get her down. Instead she teamed up with Minnesota’s own Gia Vang to create an entire movement, reclaiming the phrase “very Asian,” even creating hats and t-shirts. But that begs the question – who gets to sport the gear?

Honoring Our Elders: Mel Reeves

Community leader and journalist Mel Reeves left a huge impact on the Minnesota community when he passed earlier in January. His work spanned decades and he touched the lives of so many through his dedication to justice. Guest:Toussaint Morrison, On Site Public Media

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