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17 Unique Stations from Border to Border

Counter Stories: Call It What It Is: Overt Racism

Overt racism is more and more prominent. From hotels banning Native Americans to the crew’s own personal experiences in racist housing practices, from it taking more than a hundred years to pass an anti-lynching law to recent conflicts between communities of color. Racism has gone from hidden and passive-aggressive to open and overt.


MN Reads: “Ferns and Lycophytes of Minnesota” by Welby R. Smith

Welby R. Smith talks about the new book “Ferns and Lycophytes of Minnesota”

Campbell Library’s Non-Adrian Peterson Test & Career Prep

The Campbell Public Library of East Grand Forks, MN is teeming with activities and events! Director Charlotte Helgeson joins the “never dull” conversation of all things Campbell!

Counter Stories- Legislative Wrap Up: Driver’s Licenses for All

After more than two decades, Minnesota passed a law in 2023 allowing anyone in the state to get a driver’s license no matter their immigration status. A big win for the more than 80,000 undocumented immigrants in the state to finally be able to obtain a legal license to drive. Emilia Avalos Gonzalez, Unidos MN

The Untold Story of Reuse and Redevelopment with Melissa Wenzel for the MPCA

In today’s Untold Story of Central Minnesota, we look through the lenses of creativity, environment, and sustainability at what to do about vacant businesses around town as Arts & Cultural Heritage Producer Jeff Carmack talks with Melissa Wenzel from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Wenzel recently gave a presentation at Salem Lutheran Church in St. Cloud concerning “Built Environment Sustainability” where she discussed the concepts of reuse and redevelopment as well as guidelines, ideas, and financial assistance opportunities for communities around Minnesota.

And for a look at what reuse and redevelopment can look like in a small community, there’s another Untold Story of Central Minnesota from last year that highlights Farwell, MN, and the very successful development of their arts center, which is made up of a church, a gas station, a creamery, and a schoolhouse, all once abandoned.

The Untold Stories of Central Minnesota is made possible through support from the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund and Legacy Amendment of 2008.

MN Reads: “Sasquatch and Squirrel” by Chris Monroe

Author and Illustrator Chris Monroe talks about her new book “Sasquatch and Squirrel”

MN Reads: “Too Much Sea For Their Decks” by Michael Schumacher

Author Michael Schumacher talks about his new book “Too Much Sea For Their Decks: Shipwrecks of Minnesota’s North Shore and Isle Royale”

MN Reads: “Lily Leads the Way” by Margi Preus

Author Margi Preus talks about her Northeastern Minnesota Book Award nominated picture book “Lily Leads the Way”

From Crocheting to “Stump the Librarian!”

Charlotte Helgeson, Director of the Campbell Public Library in East Grand Forks, MN, shares details of hot summertime fun at Campbell!

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