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17 Unique Stations from Border to Border

Caregiving Conversations: Deep Responsibility of Guardianship

Phoebe experienced the role of guardian as a responsibility similar to caring for the needs of an infant.


Your Heart Has to Work Harder

Ken explains how calcification of his aortic valve, meant it had to be replaced. But he says getting it done sooner than later, worked well for him.

I Got a Second Chance at Life!

Dennis shares how his “second chance” at life has inspired him to take better care of himself through diet and exercise, which he says is addictive once you get started.

Has Anyone Ever Told You: You have a Heart Murmur?

Joan explains how her symptoms of feeling tired and out of breath while doing simple tasks, pointed to more serious problems with her aortic heart valve.

Detecting Medical Problems Before They Wreak Havoc

Dave Durenberger speaks about changing health care to incentivize keeping people healthy, rather than waiting until dangerous health problems develop.

Not as Big of Deal as I Thought

Bill explains how heart surgery to repair his faulty valve was an easier experience that he thought it would be, due to amazing technology.

More Energy Than Before

Charlotte’s heart valve replacement gave her more energy than she had before, but at age 90 she is slowing down and able to do less.

Up and Walking Hours After Heart Surgery

While Dennis was initially concerned about trying a new treatment, he chose to have trans valve replacement surgery over open heart surgery, because he learned the recovery process was much faster and easier.

Up Through the Groin to Fix a Leaky Heart Valve

After three heart attacks, open heart surgery was not an option. But Jim shares how doctors saved his life with a new procedure for heart valve repair.

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