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18 Unique Stations from Border to Border

Stabbed and Shot

The Korean War was marked by many brutal battles. One highly decorated Minnesota soldier was injured in combat, patched up and then returned to the battlefield —more than once. The late Marvin Pellerin, Senior, who was a member of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, shared his story of bravery and survival.


Atomic Island

August 6, 1945: Where was Sergeant Norman Corson? He couldn’t tell you. Top secret. But the girl he was spending time with was named Enola Gay. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

The Boy in the Military Haircut

March 25, 1969: David Allan Weber would rather be back in Rochester, casting a line into a good fishing hole. But he was in Vietnam, jumping out of a helicopter into a hail of fire. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

Short Timer

June 18, 1968: Army sergeant Robert Lee Graham was a short timer. In one month he’d be rotating home. But in Vietnam, a lot could happen between now and never. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

Night Patrol

February 19, 1969: Army captain Edwin Ackerman had the experience of two tours in Vietnam. But this was a night patrol and the Viet Cong were waiting in the dark. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

The President and the General

March 23, 1962: Major General Joseph Preston didn’t normally take a back seat to anyone at Vandenberg Air Force Base. He commanded the base, after all. But today, the president of the United States was visiting, here to watch a very special missile launch. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

Return to New Britain

1960: It had been 16 years since WWII pilot Fred Hargesheimer had to jump from his plane into the jungles of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. But now he was back to thank the Nakanai people who, for eight months, nursed him back to health and hid him from the Japanese. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

Bomb Run

April 25, 1945: Pilot Joyce Noel Johnson’s mission was to bomb a munitions plant in Czechoslovakia. Not to take it away from the Nazis but to keep it out of the hands of America’s ally, Russia, as its forces moved in from the east. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

A Screaming Eagle on Tour

March 5, 1945: Corporal Newman Tuttle was chewing the fat with reporters in Salt Lake City. Rather than gearing up to storm Germany with his unit the 101st Airborne, he was touring stateside cities, trying to win the war by getting Americans to buy war bonds and support the troops still in the thick of it. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

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