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18 Unique Stations from Border to Border

Betty Pack and the Vichy Naval Codes

1942: Betty Pack, a Minneapolis-born socialite, had convinced the guard at the Nazi-friendly Vichy Embassy to allow her and her boyfriend to use a room for their “lovemaking.” In reality, the Allied spy was there to steal codebooks that would be used in the invasion of North Africa. Here’s Britt Aamodt.


Counter Stories: Reflections on a Middle East Trip

Cohost Anthony Galloway recently traveled to Israel and Palestine with a group of religious leaders, artists and educators. Duluth-based Indigenous artist Moira Villiard, who was among the group, joins the crew this week. They share their experience with the complex political issues in the area, what surprised them most, and what they took away from the trip. Guests: Moira Villiard

MN Reads: “Now What?” by Beth Probst

Beth Probst talks about her book “Now What? Navigating Life After Loss”


Learning phrases to talk about quarantining

The Untold Story of QUEERSPACE Collective Coming to St. Cloud

In today’s Untold Story of Central Minnesota, Arts & Cultural Heritage Producer Jeff Carmack talks with Nicki Hangsleben and Mandy Rubink from QUEERSPACE collective, a non-profit dedicated to providing LGBTQ+ youth with safe and insightful guidance through mentorships. Originally founded in the Twin Cities two years ago, the QUEERSPACE collective will be marking their St. Cloud area arrival on Friday, March 31, with an event at Jupiter Moon Ice Cream in St. Joseph where folks can learn more about their community building activities.

Monica LaPlante

Monica LaPlante returns to Radio K for the third time to discuss making it through the pandemic as a creative artist and her upcoming midwest tour!

MN90: The Return of the Wolf

1986 – National Geographic photographer from Minnesota, Jim Brandenburg wanted to see wolves returned to Yellowstone National Park. Farmers weren’t so sure. But what if Brandenburg could raise money to compensate farmers in the event wolves did attack their livestock? Here’s Britt Aamodt.

MN90: Sick of Sarah’s Free Album

2011 – The all-girl Minneapolis punk band Sick of Sarah had a present for users of BitTorrent, the file-sharing site. Beginning that February, anybody with the application would get the group’s new album for free. But would this drive more fans to their concerts? Here’s Britt Aamodt.

MN90: James Hong Everywhere All at Once

January 2020 – James Hong was a Minnesota-born actor who’d started acting in the 1950s. He had hundreds of film and TV credits. But this new film he’d been offered, Everything Everywhere All at Once, felt like the multiverse adventure romp he’d been waiting for all his life. Here’s Britt Aamodt.

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