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Becky Kapell: In It To Win It

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Tonight on The Sound we bring you the latest album from Becky Kapell titled, In It To Win It. Becky is a country and americana musician out of St. Paul, MN whose path to the Minnesota music scene has been a unique and interesting journey. In fact, the Minneapolis Star Tribune called Becky a “late-bloomer country crooner” because of her unique path and what some might call her late arrival, but we’re glad she’s here now. In It To Win It is Becky’s 3rd album since the release of her debut titled “For Now” was released in 2012. Produced by Paul Bergen and featuring Erik Koskinen, Jeremy Johnson, Nate Gamb, In It To Win It takes us on a delightful journey through some true blue Minnesota country music. Or as Ms. Kapell’s bio says, “Groovy, swampy, honky-tonky, heart-breaky, sassy, kick-assy original music from America's midwest.” Well, I think that pretty much sums it up. Better than I can anyway, so I’m gonna stop talkin, kick back, and check out some great Minnesota music and I encourage you to join me and do the same. Here’s Becky Kapell with In It To Win It, tonight on The Sound. Original air date: 04/13/22. The Sound is written and produced by KQAL 89.5FM on the campus of Winona State University. The Sound is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.


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