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Rochester Arts: Granny’s Chairs

Virginia was a waitress. Gordon was a retired Rochester cop. Together, they collected old furniture—including 1,500 chairs—and ran Granny’s Antiques in Mazeppa.

Rochester Arts: Alistair Cooke Films Rochester

Alistair Cooke was better known as the host of PBS’s Masterpiece Theater. But he was in Rochester today with a film crew to tell the history of America through a visit to Mayo.

Rochester Arts: Walls of Red Wing

It was Bob Dylan’s last day in the recording studio for his second album. That’s when he pulled out a new song he’d been toying with, “Walls of Red Wing.”

Rochester Arts: Whimpie of Bramble Haw

Nell Mabey loved her Irish water spaniel Whimpie and life at her sister’s estate Bramble Haw. So she’d combined the two in her new book of poetry, Whimpie of Bramble Haw.

Rochester Arts: Sherlock’s Norwegian Explorers

Dr. Philiip Hench was a member of the Norwegian Explorers, Minnesota’s very own Sherlock Holmes club. And now his group wanted to commemorate the world’s greatest detective with a plaque at Reichenbach Falls.

Rochester Arts: National Spelling Bee

John Chuchik had two things he wanted to do: Walk all 896 stairs of the Washington Monument and win the National Spelling Bee.

Rochester Arts: Land of Plenty

James FitzPatrick was a famous documentary filmmaker known as the Voice of the Globe. Now he was in Rochester with his film crew.

Rochester Arts: G.I. Joe

The Red Cross needed money during World War II. That’s when Ft. Snelling sent its soldiers to Winona, to perform their skit, GI Joe, as a fundraiser.

Rochester Arts: WPA’s Talking Books

Two hulking record players arrived at the Winona Library in 1936. They were special players with braille knobs that could be borrowed by blind or vision-impaired patrons to listen to the federal government’s new line of Talking Books.

Rochester Arts: Lucy Wilder and Her Bookstore

Lucy Wilder had options. Did she want to start a sheep farm or a bookstore?

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