Real College Podcast: Spring Cleaning 2021

Real College Podcast: Spring Cleaning 2021

In this episode of Real College Podcast we will be bringing you some treasures from the vault, alongside some brand new content! Come along with us and discover how pets can help us cope with stress, take a dive into education reform, understand why you may be jealous of your vaccinated friends, uncover what it is like to be pregnant behind bars, learn about the origins of street art, and sit down with the local band Sapphire to discuss their music!

1:27-Pets and Stress Management-Kasey Salazar

8:05-School Reform-Casey McCabe

22:13-Vaccine Jealousy-Shannon Brault

29:19-Incarcerated Pregnancy-Petra Holtze

38:11-Street Art-Ethan Olson

42:36-Band Interview: Sapphire-Emma Morris