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Sharing Gifts Through Story: Native Lights Podcast

Sharing Gifts Through Story: Native Lights Podcast (11/25/20). Leah Lemm is a Freelance Radio Reporter for MN Native News and Co-Host of Native Lights: Where Indigenous Voices Shine. Melissa Townsend, at the time of this recording, was a Freelance Radio Reporter for MN Native News and Producer for Native Lights. (mp3 and youtube video of the presentation are available on this post).  The “Sharing Gifts Through Story: Native Lights Podcast” presentation was made possible in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and SouthWest Metro Intermediate District 288.


Native Lights- Derek Nicholas: Indigenous Fare for Future Generations

Derek shares his experiences as the Nutrition Program Coordinator at the Division of Indian Work in Minneapolis; his views on culturally, seasonally appropriate foods; and about the growing, multi-faceted Indigenous food community.

Minnesota Native News: Supreme Court Case Challenges Indian Child Welfare Act

The US Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of ICWA or the Indian Child Welfare Act in early November. Reporter Emma Needham sheds light on this case and its implications as Indian country awaits a decision.

Heather Friedli: Revealing Nature’s Allure

Today Leah and Cole chat with Heather Friedli, a contemporary impressionist oil painter. Heather creates vivid landscapes inspired by her family’s Native American and Mexican heritages and her time exploring the natural world. In addition to painting, Heather is also a professional snow sculptor and recently appeared in Disney’s Best In Snow sculpting competition. She shares about her family, painting styles, and her inspiring hike along the whole Appalachian Trail.

Native Lights- Rita Walaszek Arndt: Representation in History

Today Leah and Cole chat with Rita Walaszek Arndt (White Earth Nation). Rita is the program and outreach manager of the Native American Initiatives department at the Minnesota Historical Society. She’s also the curator of the Our Home: Native Minnesota exhibit at the historical society.

Minnesota Native News: New Round of Free At Home COVID Tests Available for Holiday Season

This week on the Health Report, a new round of covid tests are available through the state of Minnesota and we’ll hear about the Covid 19 treatment, Paxlovid and how to find out if you’re eligible for the treatment. Here’s reporter Leah Lemm…

Susie Ballot and Lera Hephner’s Work to Preserve Culture Across Generations

Today Leah shares her conversations with Susie Ballot and Lera Hephner from White Earth Nation’s cohort of Indigenous Parent Leadership Initiative (IPLI). As graduates of the initiative, they’ve begun projects to deepen connections between their communities and culture.

Native Lights – Duane Goodwin: Expressing Culture Through Sculpture

Today Leah shares her conversation with artist Duane “Dewey” Goodwin (White Earth Nation). Duane is known for his sculptures, including large-scale rock sculptures that stand beside rivers and in parks across Minnesota.

Bivalent Vaccine The Best Tool to Fight Fall COVID Surge

This week on the Health Report, an update on vaccine clinics across the state, plus recent data suggests a covid surge in the coming weeks.

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