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Veterans' Voices | Veterans’ Voices Korea Podcast
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Veterans' Voices Korea Podcast | Extended podcast versions of interviews with some of the Minnesota Veterans of the Korean War featured in our radio series Veteran’s Voices Korea. Made possible by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage fund.

Korea | Memories and stories from Minnesota’s Korean War Veterans

World War II | first-hand accounts of what it was like to serve in WWII

Native Warriors | Native American veterans explain why protecting our land and resources is an important part of Native culture and traditions

Vietnam | Stories and memories of Minnesota’s Vietnam veterans

Veterans' Voices Vietnam Podcast | Extended podcast versions of Kevyn Burger’s interviews with some of the Minnesota Vietnam Veterans featured in our radio series

Roger Sayles

Veterans’ Voices Korea: Paratrooper Overgaard’s Service in Korea

Paratrooper Paul Overgaard shares his experience jumping out of planes into enemy territory during the Korean War. Kevyn Burger talks with the Veteran about his memories during his service.

Veterans’ Voices Korea: Return to Korea

The government of South Korea has invited many Korean War Veterans to return and visit their country, to see how it is doing now, decades later, and to express their gratitude. Kevyn Burger has the story.

Veterans’ Voices Korea: Camp Bow Wow

During the Korean War, some soldiers were selected to be dog handlers. Reporter Kevyn Burger shares the story of Veteran Roger Davis, age 92, about his wartime canine partner.

Veterans’ Voices Korea: The Korean Era

Service in the Korean War spanned from June 25th, 1950, to January 31st, 1955.
Kevyn Burger talks with Veterans about the Korean Era and who fought and where they were stationed around the world.

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