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EP198 The 1991 Chicago Blues Fest P1

A trip back in time to 1991 and the 8th Annual Chicago Blues Fest.

First Friday Cont’d: Bemidji, Brainerd, and Jeremy Messersmith!

It’s spring! Yay! Creative energy is in the air all over northern Minnesota! In this segment, we continue our conversations about first Friday arts events with updates on new exhibits in Brainerd and Bemidji and a conversation with singer songwriter Jeremy Messersmith who has been working with students young and old in the Brainerd area this week. Jeremy will perform at Central Lakes College tonight at 7pm!

First Friday Grand Rapids!

Every first Friday of the month we check in with Katie Marshall from the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids to find out what will be happening on First Friday. Katie did not disappoint today! Artists in the attic, reading challenges, live music, a printmaking workshop and and exhibit that consists of 98 pieces, each less than 10″ in size! All that and a soon-to-be ice cream truck make this First Friday in May pretty magical!

The Good Stuff

This week on Stay Human, we’re breaking out the good stuff: stories about the things that we just can’t let go of, things found and lost and found again, and the stuff we’ve still got when we’ve gotten rid of all that other stuff. An hour of story and song on Stay Human.

Counter Stories: Foster Awareness

May is Foster Awareness month. Hoang Murphy joins the crew to talk about his personal experience in the foster system and how his organization, Foster Advocates, is giving the power to the young people living this often-invisible reality. Guest: Hoang Murphy, Foster Advocates

The Lost Forty Tours Northern Minnesota

Brian Milller and Randy Gosa’s band, The Lost Forty, is all about melding arts with culture and history. Together, they’ve been on a mission to revive folk songs long dormant and nearly forgotten. This week The Lost Forty is touring northern Minnesota with a presentation that involves photographs, history, stories, and, of course, music. Brian Miller joined the morning show Wednesday to discuss his work with The Lost Forty, how they go about arranging songs from generations ago, how their presentations of music combined with history creates community connections, and much more.

Summer Road Construction Plans with Mike Doherty from MN DOT

Summer Road Construction Plans with Mike Doherty from MN DOT

Our Ecosystems of Healing: Take Back The Night With Talyor Laur

Our Ecosystems of Healing: Take Back The Night With Talyor Laur

Mid West Music Fest with Festival Director Dylan Hillaker

Mid West Music Fest with Festival Director Dylan Hillaker

The Oak Center General Store Part 2

Today on Culture Clique we bring you Part 2 of our series on a Minnesota music venue that is truly a hidden gem, The Oak Center General Store. The Oak Center General Store, as the name implies, is more than a music venue, it’s also a general store, much like your grandparents might remember or like you might see in an old movie. It has also been home to a woodshop and has been the storefront for Earthen Path Organic Farms. The building has housed a general store and community meeting room since it’s construction in 1913 and it’s doors where only closed for 6 short years in the 1970s. In other words, this place has been open and operating for nearly one-hundred and ten years. If you aren’t yet aware of the Oak Center General Store, then you are in for a treat. I’m Bill Stoneberg and I hope that you enjoy this story of The Oak Center General Store as much as I enjoyed making it. Here’s Part 2 of our look into The Oak Center General Store, today on Culture Clique.

Original air date: 04/28/22.
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