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Counter Stories We discuss race, identity, social justice and culture in a region grappling with demographic changes. Hosts: Anthony Galloway, Luz Maria Frias, Don Eubanks and Hlee Lee.
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Freedom School: Does Freedom to School Mean Freedom to Tell the truth?

In this episode, the crew explores the history of Freedom Schools with May Esperanza Losloso of the Children’s Defense Fund and the legislation and movements to limit what schools teach. They also explore recent racist encounters in school athletics and the overall climate that begs for deeper learning about our nation’s history. Guest: May Esperanza Losloso

Mirrors and Windows in Education

Public school districts are having a hard time retaining teachers of color. But what’s behind this? Could it be the first in-first out process, where newer teachers are let go whenever there is a budget cut? Is it because teachers of color are not feeling supported? Is it both? As one parent put it, all students need mirrors and windows in education – so they see themselves and their peers reflected in their teachers. Guest: Kenneth Eban, Advancing Equity Coalition

Is Change Possible?

Well, here we are again. Minneapolis Police have killed another Black man in a no-knock raid on an apartment. In 9 seconds, police entered an apartment and shot Amir Locke, who was a licensed gun owner and was asleep on the sofa. It forces the question: Is change possible?

Who’s Very Asian

When an Asian American journalist receives a call from a viewer complaining about a her being “very Asian,” anchor Michelle Li didn’t let that get her down. Instead she teamed up with Minnesota’s own Gia Vang to create an entire movement, reclaiming the phrase “very Asian,” even creating hats and t-shirts. But that begs the question – who gets to sport the gear?

Honoring Our Elders: Mel Reeves

Community leader and journalist Mel Reeves left a huge impact on the Minnesota community when he passed earlier in January. His work spanned decades and he touched the lives of so many through his dedication to justice. Guest:Toussaint Morrison, On Site Public Media

Honoring Our Elders: Clyde Bellecourt

Our community lost a giant recently with the passing of Clyde Bellecourt, a co-founder of the American Indian Movement. The crew takes a look back at AIM’s early days and where they are now. We pay tribute to Clyde’s legacy through the people he inspired in the movement for justice.

American Insurrection Revisited

One year after the attack on the nation’s capitol, the Crew reflects on its impact on ourselves, our country and democracy.

Hope For The New Year

The crew plans to talk about their hopes for 2022, get sidetracked by a discussion about female safety, then discuss about the verdict in the Kimberly Potter case. Just a typical conversation in the lives of our crew members.

Our Holidays

The holidays are among us, but each of our families celebrate in very different ways. The crew talks about the traditions their families observe during the final months and days of each year and find out just how similar we all really are.

On the Frontlines

ER Doctor Alice Mann joins the crew to talk about the seriousness of the continuing coronavirus pandemic. From having to turn away sick people to trying to convince people to take preventative measures to losing loved ones, the world of fact versus conspiracy theory is vast and dangerous. Dr. Mann gives us a first-hand view into the life of the frontline workers in the medical industry.

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