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18 Unique Stations from Border to Border

Ampers at the Minnesota State Fair 2017

Racism, Sexism, and White Women

Through anecdotal stories, What’s Up With White Women? invites white women to look closely at their life experiences in an effort to generate awareness of their role in perpetuating patterns of injustice. Authors Ilsa Govan and Tilman Smith joined the morning show to discuss the missteps they made that inspired the book as well as ways white women can ultimately be agents of change in their communities

Centerstage Minnesota, November 26, 2021

Centerstage Minnesota features Minnesota artists in an eclectic mix of folk, rock, blues, jazz, and world music including Lady Midnight, Soo Line Loons, The Slamming Doors, Sarah Morris, Kind Country, Leslie Rich and the Rocket Soul Choir and more.

Erin Schwab and Jay Fuchs are Naughty and Nice at Crooners, December 10-12

Erin Schwab and Jay Fuchs used to do a naughty Christmas Show at Crooners, and a nice one too. But this year, they combine naughty and nice in a single show, and perform three nights, Friday and Sunday December 10 – 12 at Crooner’s. Phil Nusbaum caught Erin and Jay thinking about the song Love is Chrismas. He asked what was nice about it.


Word Up! today on Stay Human – linger in the linguacious, with storyteller Terry O’Brien’s Death by Dictionary, Leah Lemm’s “Words”, and essays from Steve Downing, Jeff Weintraub and Scott Stowell, on the evolution of writing, and the abracadabra of language. Words and music, celebrating the Joy of Lex.

Strong Women: Author Jessica Nordell

There’s a part of Jessica Nordell’s “The End of Bias” that makes perfect sense to me. She writes:

In the field of ecology, there’s a notion of an “edge”, a place in the landscape where two different ecosystems meet, like the salt marshes where land meets sea or the riparian zone where a stream cuts a hillside. This edge is often the most fertile and generative area in an entire landscape, providing nurseries for fish and stopover points for migrating birds. Where one human meets another is also an edge. It’s the place where bias appears, a space thick with potential for harm. But its also the place where we can interrupt bias and repair it with a different way of seeing, responding, and relating to one another.

The edge she writes about is playing out before our eyes.

Life is complex – a pandemic – violence and deep political fissures playing out on the local and national level – and questions and anger about who has the power to define…

This makes it really hard to realize that we might all have some work to do on a personal level. It’s the systems in place, but it’s also ourselves.

Boozhoo Nanaboozhoo: Ojibwe Word of the Day: Manidoo-Gizisoons is December

Today on Boozhoo Nanaboozhoo we learn the Ojibwe word for December – “Manidoo-Gizisoons” the little spirit moon. Natasha and Nanaboozhoo discuss why December is called the little spirit moon. Sylvester Stallone calls in to teach us how to say December and tells us stories of his past movies.

Boozhoo Nanaboozhoo: Minawaanigozi Miigwechiwi Giizhigad – “Happy Thanksgiving Day”

Boozhoo Nanaboozhoo tells us the story of the first Thanksgiving Day with Squanto and the Pilgrims. There was a feast – “Wiikondiwin.”

MN Native News: Science Museum Seeks Native Voices

This week on Minnesota Native News, the Science Museum of Minnesota is seeking feedback from Native Community members.

Happy Trails

With firearms season over for this year, it’s safe to get back up into the woods. Today on Stay Human, it’s happy trails – Dan Hegstad is fat tire biking ay Cayuga, Joel Sjogren takes a tour of Red Head Mountain Bike Park, Cory Kolodji tests himself on the Superior Hiking Trail, and Matthew Miltich takes a life-changing journey down the oldest trail in northern Minnesota. Story and song keep us moving along, on Stay Human.

Fall changes

Chel Anderson is a botanist and plant ecologist and she joins us periodically to report on what she’s seeing in our woods and waters right now.

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