CSMN0163 – Bagley Singer/Composer Katie Corning

CSMN0163 – Bagley Singer/Composer Katie Corning

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Something about an emerging performer from a small town really appeals to me, and Katie Corning from Bagley is just starting to spread her creative wings and share her talent – which is a very good thing. Originally from East Bethel, MN, Katie moved to the Bemidji area to attend BSU. She has a very powerful and dynamic voice that conveys emotion and feeling at a very deep level. Blending an eclectic mix of indie alternative and acoustic music on both keyboard and guitar, her style is very hard to classify. She’ll be joining me in-studio this week on Centerstage MN to talk about, and perform, her music.

A classically trained musician and accomplished vocalist, Katie works with Matt Glenzel for lyrics. He has a blog of his poetry that he has given Katie full access to. It’s a very interesting collaboration where he just keeps writing and writing poems, and Katie checks it for words or rhymes that appeal to her.

Some of these collaborated songs are ‘simple’ love songs, others touch on sensitive topics like God and religion. Katie says her philosophy is, “Stop worrying about the afterlife. Love where you are right now, love life. Just look at what’s around you; the skies and everything, and the trees and all that. It’s like ‘hey embrace that, don’t worry about this high power so much, just try to love the life you’re in right now’.”

We’ll also hear from a new release out of the Iron Range from Germaine Gemberling. Just when I was thinking, “the creativity and music coming out of the Range is outstanding,” this CD showed up and drove the point home. Recorded at Sparta Sound, and with Rich Mattson on guitar and back-up vocals, it’s beautifully simple country music – sort of like John Prine, not flashy or forceful, but smooth, creative and clever.

Plus we’ll hear from Eden – a new band out of Eden Prairie working on their debut CD – I’ve got a copy of their demo to share. Also Duluth’s Portrait of a Drowned Man, Bemidji’s The Magic Castles, and more.