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About Ampers | Governing Policies and Finances

Ampers raises revenue for the organization and its member stations through corporate donations and underwriting, individual donations, as well as helping to secure state funding.

Ampers has developed the following mission statement and guiding principles:


“Ampers will strengthen its member stations and help them to better serve their communities by generating revenue, developing and sharing programming, and advocating at the state and national level.”

The guiding principles of the organization are:

  1. Trust
  2. Cooperation
  3. Sharing
  4. Community Service

The policies below are designed to help directors, officers and employees of Ampers to operate the business in a legal, ethical, and transparent manner.  The policies also help to ensure that Ampers is abiding by all state and federal guidelines for a 501(c)(3).  Any questions or concerns about these policies should be directed to Ampers’ Chief Executive Officer at

Ampers is committed to transparency. In order to provide easier access to the organization’s financial records and governing policies, you will find copies of policies as well as our recent financial filings below.

Policies & Financial Records

2013 Strategic Plan (PDF - revised September 2013)
Ampers Bylaws (PDF -Amended June 2017)
Articles of Incorporation (PDF)
Articles of Incorporation (PDF - Amended June 2012)
Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)
Ampers Workplace Harrassment Prevention Policy (PDF)
Whistle Blower Policy (PDF)
Ampers FY18 Form 990 Public Copy (PDF)
Ampers FY17 Form 990 Public Copy (PDF)
Ampers FY16 Form 990 Public Copy (PDF)
Ampers FY15 Form 990 Public Copy (PDF)
Ampers FY14 Form 900 Public Copy (PDF)
Ampers FY13 Form 900 Public Copy (PDF)
Ampers FY12 Form 900 Public Copy (PDF)
Ampers FY11 Form 900 Public Copy (PDF)
Ampers FY10 Form 900 Public Copy (PDF)
Ampers FY18 State Charitable Report (PDF)
Ampers FY17 State Charitable Report (PDF)
Ampers FY16 State Charitable Report (PDF)
Ampers FY15 State Charitable Report (PDF)
Ampers FY14 State Charitable Report (PDF)
Ampers FY13 State Charitable Report (PDF)
Ampers FY12 State Charitable Report (PDF)
Ampers FY11 State Charitable Report (PDF)
Ampers FY10 State Charitable Report (PDF)


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